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4th February

41st Trial Indoor Barcelona

Feel the adrenaline rush of a unique sporting spectacle with the world’s top riders at this indoor trial competition. The amazing balancing acts and impossible jumps and turns are coming this February to Barcelona’s Palau Sant Jordi

Barcelona’s Palau Sant Jordi will be transformed into an amazing trial circuit, combining artificial and natural obstacles, when it hosts the 41st Trial Indoor Barcelona. This is the fourth scoring round for the FIM X-Trial World Championships and will feature the many-times champion Toni Bou and the former world champion Adam Raga.

The organisers of Trial Indoor RPM-MKTG promise to continue forging its legend and, in this, the 40th year of the event, are ready to set the bar higher in a new world-class format. A sport that originated in Catalonia and has captivated people right from the outset. The skill of the riders who are completely in tune with their bikes, combines balance and power, making this a truly unique spectacle.

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