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On 25 July 1992, against a backdrop of local and global expectation, the Barcelona Olympic Games were inaugurated and on 3 September 1992, the Paralympic Games followed suit. In 2017, we celebrate the 25th anniversary of those Games, which are universally considered as one of the turning points in Barcelona taking a forward-looking and global-orientated path. 

The celebration of the 25th anniversary of the 1992 Olympic Games represents the perfect opportunity to restore the values linked to sports and the Olympic Games such as solidarity and peace, respect for others, an effort-based culture, the pursuit of excellence and fair play. Restoring these values must serve to promote more participative and committed attitudes amongst citizens to the development of society as a whole.

In 1992, Barcelona and its citizens witnessed one of the most significant and transformational chapters in the city's contemporary history. The range of activities planned by Barcelona City Council and local authorities, institutions and organisations, therefore aims to keep the memory of the Games alive and interpret exactly what they meant to the city.

We also view this anniversary as an opportunity to create a forum in which to exchange different accounts of what the Games meant and how cities have to overcome the challenge of making such large-scale sports events compatible with co-existence, social cohesion and sustainability.

The dynamism and momentum of the time have left a legacy encompassing both tangible assets and many other intangible assets. To name just a few, the urban transformation of the city, the installation of first-rate neighbourhood and municipal sports facilities, the contribution to greater participation in sports amongst residents, the strong sense of belonging to a city and a project and the cohesion and excitement generated by experiencing and participating in such a unique event. However, we must reflect on the business transformations over the years and continue working to improve infrastructures, services, co-existence and participation in order to keep alive the Olympic flame that warmed our spirits 25 years ago.

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